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If you need to produce with leather, we are here to help!

Find the leather you are looking for. BCN Leather supplies luxury brands worldwide with the finest skins available on the market. 

We produce many different types of finishes, color tones, and styles that fit the needs of the final product.

We use the highest quality materials available worldwide, certified and with seal of quality.

If you are looking for final garment products, we also partner with the best designers and producers to deliver what you need. 

We provide you with everything you are looking for. We create from 0 for every client. 

Lamb Skins

We have a wide collection of Nappas divided into 2 groups depending of his final use:

  • Nappas Confection
  • Nappas Footwear

Sheep Skins or Double face

The DF Collection is developped using different origins of Raw in order to match the customers requirements and divided into 2 groups:

  • DF Confection
  • DF Footwear

Garment Production

It´s very important before design one leather garment to know the different origins of the skins in order to apply the best leather to each design. Also, the tanning process can add to the garment style the best look and use. Finally the size of the used skins will determine the patterns to be used. To support the design department is key to get the best final garment.

We produce the leather you need. Contact with us and try

We are more than happy to provide you with our leather and fur samples. We can provide them in the color and shape you need. 

The MOQ is 100 sqft and delivery time 1o days for any special colour.